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We're in this together, Okanagan!

( Upon purchase, if you choose local pick up, there will be no cost, but if you choose shipping there will be the additional shipping cost at check out ) 

( For any establishment that is interested in being a part of this initiative, please know that it is NOT required for you as the owner of the shop to buy these shirts. If you wish to, thats awesome, but it is not required! )

We have a HUGE heart for the service industry and believe that every cafe/brewery/restaraunt from Vernon to Penticton has been impacted by the Covid-19 situation. It has been catastrophic for everyone!

So we want to give to those who have lost their jobs in local cafe's, restaurants, breweries and pubs! Staff who depended on tips to pay the bills!

Every single dollar raised will go towards local and small businesses after applicable taxes and card fees.                      

50% of all sales will go towards the local production of the shirt (see below) and 50% will go towards staff members from every establishment ( from barista to server, bartender to even chefs ) that wishes to be a part of this endeavour. All money raised will be given to the owner/owners of each establishment in good faith that it will be distributed to each staff member.

Once everything has been lifted and we are all allowed to HUG, we will arrange a two to three day 'industry crawl' to flood the cities with these shirts and everyone will receive 10% off of their bill from every establishment involved. (***businesses must confirm they are involved to provide 10% discount off of each bill***)

We will provide a list of each business that has said 'yes' to being involved with this campaign and will keep updating as much as possible!

**Every shirt ordered will be a 'pre order' item. Once we receive the first 100 orders, we will print the first set and then move forward from there.**

  • Ashleigh Green ( Kelowna Local ) who designed the logo
  • Cool Hand Print Co ( Kelowna Local company ) who will be printing each shirt
  • The Local Chemist  ( Kelowna Local company ) who will be organizing the distribution of shirts and cash flow to each establishment!

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